STC Geostar

Software EDWin

Software EDWIN is designed for processing of dynamometer, echo level meter, pressure, power measurements received from GEOSTAR-111/112 devices
Software EDWin is designed to prepare the registered data from echo meter, dynamometer and automatic echo meters.

Software allows to acquire the registered data and store it to the database.
Software consists many algorythms and calculations according to API standards.


  • Reading data from different devices
  • 4-th level view of measurements (treeview style)
  • Flexible filter for measurements – by date, by type (echo, dyna), by subtype (echo kind, dyna device), by operator, by device number, by recents and etc.
  • Flow rate estimation, effective plunger stroke and pump fillage calculation
  • Torque calculation and CBM analysis with recommendation
  • Pressure Transient Analysis – Log-log, Horner, MDH
  • Calculation about 70 parameters of SRP operation (on API standard)
  • Automatic conclusion on possible malfunction of equipment
  • Rod stress calculation and Goodman analysis
  • Acoustic velocity calculation (on gas composition)
  • Joints collars view (zoom dialog and full view)
  • Pumping unit malfunction determination
  • Gaseous liquid column estimation
  • Pump card calculation and analysis
  • Level buildup curve creation and bottomhole pressure calculation
  • Export the measurements to JPEG, RTF files
  • Export the measurements to MS Excel
  • Print the large variety of the graphic and text-table reports
  • Checking for the names of newcoming measurements to avoid the operator faults
  • Archiving (removing) of old and outdated measurements
  • Export / import for transfer file to carry the measurements
  • Support for the huge pumping unit base (3200 units)
  • Echo graph filtering from noise
  • Export measurements to the customer’s DBMS (on request)
V (12.12.2022)
1. Support for wireless dynamometers
2. Automatic echometer changes

V (12.10.2021)
1. Deviated well support
2. Dampening factor support
3. Adding new SRP data to the base
4. Hydraulic unit support
5. Wireless connection with PC

V (10.01.2021)
1. PTA Analysis
2. Log-log, Horner, MDH calculations

V (10.01.2020)
1. Torque calculation
2. Goodman diagram
3. Steel grade support for rod strings
4. API calculations
5. New SRP Library for more than 3000 units

V (16.04.2019)
1. Calc F0, Fmax, EPT
2. Plunger and rod position graph
3. Changes in zoom joints locator
4. Date and time in system format
5. PIP calculation

V (22.12.2018)
1. Support for hollow rod strings
2. Pump card calculation on Everitt

V (31.08.2018)
1. Calculation Goodman
2. Many changes

V (02.04.2017)
1. Advanced form of auto echo meter support
2. Scale mV for echo graph
3. Some modifications with echo scales

V (01.09.2016)
1. Many fixes in BHP calc
2. TWM-like report for echocard
3. Collars view

V (12.12.2015)
1. Data and basedir moved to the Windows Application folder

V (22.06.2015)
1. Fixed the datareader error
2. Support OIS

V (10.10.2014)
1. Fixed errror with speed table
2. Changes in interface

V (22.04.2013)
1. Many fixes
2. Friction calculations
3. Echometer online mode

V (29.10.2009)
1. Many fixes

V (09.09.2009)
1. IPR Calculation

V (16.08.2009)
1. Current card support
2. BND2 - universal transfer file format

V (06.06.2009)
1. Zoom mode for joints finding
2. Torque calculation
3. Pumping unit base editor

V (03.11.2008)
1. Motor power support
2. Power calculation for surgace and pump card
3. Motor power efficiency
4. One new view - surface and pump card
5. Control for the grid on reports

V (15.03.2008)
1. Flash-card support

V (18.10.2007)
1. New method of the level finding

V (12.08.2007)
1. Pressure buildup curve calculation
2. Level buildup curve improving
3. Base of the pumping units is 1200 pcs.

V (15.03.2007)
1. Support for automatic echometer

V (01.12.2006)
1. Composite reports (echo + dyna card)
2. Export to Word (RTF)