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Oilfield automation

The automation system is designed to monitor
and oil well management.
The system collects data from remote oil and gas wells
and prepares the data to optimize production.
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The system is designed to receive, process and transmit telemetry information from remote wells equipped with sucker rod pumps, ESP or screw pumps. The system uses intelligent sensors of GEOSTAR production, which have proven in the best way over the past 20 years in the markets of Russia, ex-USSR, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
The System allows:
  • Increase in well flow rate due to constant optimization of equipment operation for the conditions of fluid flow from the formation.
  • Prevent accidents
  • Reduced well maintenance and monitoring costs
  • Conduct industrial pilot testing prior to large automation projects and reduce the cost of designing expensive SCADA systems.
The system can be used as an unattended pump control system.


  • Monitor pump operation and periodically collect dynamometer card, liquid level, casing pressure, tubing pressure, power data, temperature and fluid level data.
  • Maximize pump performance for long run life.
  • Optimal watching for critical values of technological process (i.e. for oil depth level or pump fillage).
  • An enhanced algorithm used to control the rod pump operating at the optimized condition to improve energy efficiency.
  • Well optimized pump production.
  • Maintaining Fluid level at optimized level.
  • Automatically changing speed/SPM of the pump.
  • Recognition and prediction of failures and emergencies.
  • Set-points for detection the critical condition and failures.
  • Forecast for possible repair and maintenance.
  • Pumping unit parameters calculation.
  • Wide range of alarms to limit damage from possible failures.
  • Support industrial standard Modbus RTU/TCP Communication.
  • Remotely controlled by central computer system.
  • Can be configured on-site by using a smartphone.
  • Easy set-up and maintenance.
  • Designed for harsh environment applications with its operating temperature from -40°C to +70°C.
  • Powerful reports, graph tenders, table reports


  • No using of expensive SCADA.
  • Ideally for small oilfield or complicated wells.
  • Using of reliable GEOSTAR transducers (20 years of production).
  • Can work as an independent local controller or act as a remote substation for a SCADA system.
  • Fast exchange data with existing SCADA through OPC-server.


The devices included in the system can be manufactured in explosion-proof design and adapted to specific customer conditions.
The scope of delivery is determined at the time of ordering.
  • Controller UIK with GSM-modem and antenna
  • Horseshoe dynamometer transducer
  • Automatic echo meter (optionally)
  • Wellhead pressure gauge (optionally)
  • Connecting cables
  • Software GEOSBOR


Typical solution for monitoring for SRP.
The system can be equipped with VFD controller to change the speed of motor.

The flexible pump-off detection algorithm allows control of even horizontal or gassy wells. When the pump is only partially full (pumped off), the GEOSTAR-DD stops the pump to allow well fluid to recover.
If variable speed drive is available the pump can be commanded to run at a slower speed while recharging to further increase production.

Enhanced physic-mathematical model of well and formation behavior with pump operation gives information about the pump system performance and potential problems.
For SRP application this model can detect and predict:
• Excessive friction
• Fluid pound
• Leaking of travelling or standing valve
• Gas interference
• High fluid level
• Mechanical problems

The most common case is an automation of pumping unit on the pump filling value.
•The control of pump is made accordingly to the pump fillage.
•Controller calculates the pump fillage and by checking with limits must decide about stopping SRP.


Workstations are equipped with the special software GEOSbor that provides the receive data from remote units, make storing in database, shows the data on the screen and prepare reports.
Software is realized the viewing of incoming information, showing the log of events, alerts and emergencies.
Software can create the control action for equipment (turn on/off, VFD) and also to configure the setup of controller.
For small projects it is used the local database. For big projects there is used client-server database.