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The Echo-dynamometer is designed for acquiring liquid level data, acoustic pressure transient data, and dynamometer data.
Echo-dynamometer GEOSTAR-111 is designed:
– to measure liquid level and casing pressure in oil wells;
– to register surface dynamometer card of down-hole pumping unit operation;
– to control valves operation;
– to estimate well rate, pumping unit efficiency and BHP data.

System allows to analyze the pump card and to recognize the pump failures and predict the possible faults.

Used by oil production, research and development (R&D) and well logging departments in the oil and gas production companies.
Easy to Use
Easy to use and maintenance, and lightweight
Our diagnostic tools have a low price and very reliable.
Service Support
Our service centers are located in Russia, China, and India. Our representatives works in Argentina, Egypt , Mexico, Venezuela, China, India, Ukraine.
Smart Well
You can improve efficiency and reduce costs shifting to automation
You can simply add new sensors to acquiring new data
You can do express-analysis on-site or send data to the office using mobile or satellite networks
Available tests and measurements
Dynamometer Testing
Pump card calculation
Smart checking for SRP valves leakage
Calculation the theoretical flow production and estimate the actual flow production of an oil well
Pressure Transient Testing
Measuring the casing pressure in the annular space
Registration of the level and pressure build-up and drop curves

Acoustic Liquid Level Test
Measuring the static and producing liquid level depth in oil wells
Gaseous liquid column and BHP calculation
Joints-based level calculation and collars data
Acoustic velocity calculation by the composition of the gas mixture
Malfunctioning report of the pumping unit based on dynamometer card data
Localization of paraffin jams by echogram data
Certificates and Standards
Explosion-proof mark: 1 Ex [ib] IIB T3
Hardware components of the system are bearing an explosion-proof mark "1 Ex [ib] IIB T3" and are permitted for use in explosive areas, ClassB-1, B-1g with explosive mixtures of categories IIA and IIB, groups T1 - T3.
GOST standard
Hardware components of the system are manufactured in accordance with GOST 22782.0-81 and GOST 22782.5-78 standards
Technical Data
Acoustic and Pressure Sensors (Echometer Transducers)
Acoustic Generators (Gas Guns)
Polished Rod Dynamometer Transducer (Geostar DN-102)
Horseshoe Dynamometer Transducer (Geostar DM-102)
Registration Unit (Geostar BR-21M)