Production - Oilfield automation GEOSTAR-111.DD [Description - Architecture - Features - Supply set - Variants - Software]

Modifications of oilfield automation GEOSTAR-111.DD


Level depth control system GEOSTAR-DD.ECHO

It is designed for automatic registration of liquid depth level and casing pressure in annulus of oil and gas wells, for transferring the registered fata to the central server by GPRS-connection.

Dynamometer automation control system GEOSTAR-DD.DYNA

It is designed for registration of dynamometer card of pumping unit. System calculates the pump filling and make decision about changing of pump speed.

Flowmeter automation control system GEOSTAR-DD.FLOW

It is designed to measure and logging the production of liquid and transfer this data to central server by GPRS. It is used for injection water system. It is possible the simultaneous registration of pressure.

Pressure automation control system GEOSTAR-DD.PRESS

It is designed to measure the pressure and temperature and transferring it to the central server by GPRS.

Supplemental units

Solar battery GS-KSA

Solar battery GS-KSA is designed for autonomous power supply. Mode of operation - one measurement per 2 hours.

We will calculate the battery according to the customer conditions


GS-PU-102- portable device on the base of Android smartphone. It is designed to transfer data from controller to the central server in a case of absence of GPRS-connection at the oil well.

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