Production - Oilfield automation GEOSTAR-111.DD [Description - Architecture - Features - Supply set - Variants - Software]

Software GEOSbor for oilfield automation GEOSTAR-111.DD

Software GEOSbor

The GEOSBOR software interface provides a convenient and intuitive means of interacting with the pump controller. Software is designed to operate with registered data.

Software provides realtime viewing of incoming information, showing the log of events, alerts and emergencies.

Software can create the control action for equipment (turn on/off, VFD) and also to configure the setup of controller.

Software GeoSbor - Oilfield automation GEOSTAR


Software GeoSbor - Oilfield automation GEOSTAR

Features of GEOSbor

  • Remote control for equipment
  • Remote configuration of controller
  • Analysis and preparation of registered data
  • Optimization of equipment operation
  • Set-points for detection the critical condition and failures
  • Wide range of alarms to limit damage from possible failures
  • Access to data with the flexible filter
  • Export data to the customer database