Production - Oilfield automation GEOSTAR-111.DD [Description - Architecture - Functions - Set - Variants - Software]

Architecture of oilfield automation GEOSTAR-111.DD


Architecture of oilfield automation GEOSTAR-111.DD

Low level

This is level of the primary transducers and sensors to measure the data in the control points. The transducers are connected on RS-485 interface and used Modbus RTU protocol. Available to use any analogue and electronic devices.

Middle level

This level is organized by programmable controllers under OS Linux. Controllers are provided the routines with gathering information, logging, storing to the database, and also make the control action for equipment (i.e. pump, drive and etc.).

Configuring of controller is made by distantly from remote computer, or at the site through Wi-Fi connection from notebook, PC-tablet or smartphone.

High level

This level is the server with database of registered measurements. Desktop client software GEOSbor is designed to operate with this database and prepare the data.

Pumping unit SRp automation GEOSTAR

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