Production - Oilfield automation GEOSTAR-111.DD [Description - Architecture - Functions - Set - Variants - Software]

Oilfield automation GEOSTAR-111.DD

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Oilfield automation GEOSTAR-111.DD

The GEOSTAR-DD.111 is an intelligent controller developed by GEOSTAR specifically for oil and gas production industry.

Automation remote system is designed to monitor and control the remote devices and equipment.

System gathers data from remote oil and gas wells through sensors and prepare these data to optimize production.

Generally the automation system is used for oil wells equipped with beam pumping units, progressive cavity pump, electronic submersible pump and water injection system.

It can be used as an unattended pump control system, monitoring well condition, improving production efficiency, providing reliable operation, and saving cost.


Main objectives of using

  • Well data acquisition
  • Well condition analysis
  • Manual, remote and automatic control of pump speed and condition
  • Running production with optimal performance
  • Maintaining up-time of equipment and well
  • Energy consumption optimization
  • Remote pump controlling.
  • Avoid mechanical destructions due to “Pump Off“ or “Fluid Pound”


Scheme of operation

Oilfield automation GEOSTAR-111.DD  Scheme

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