Production - Flowmeter GEOSTAR-SRVU-102 [Description - Features - Software]

Flowmeter GEOSTAR-SRVU-102

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Flowmeter GEOSTAR-SRVU-102


Flowmeter GEOSTAR-SRVU-102 is designed for real-time flow rate measuring. It is used for research of running and service oil wells, of pipeline for the purpose of flow rate control and for daily flow rate estimation.

There is available the model with RS485 interface to output the registered data to the remote system.


Fluid flow sensor DVU-102 is designed to register flow rate according to the user-defined time scheme, to store them and transfer to registration unit.

Sensor consists of:

  • impulse conversion sensor DPI-UZ (1) is mounted on the pipeline with using of joint flange. It converts the flow volume into pulse chain.
  • fluid meter SVU-102 (2) is mounted on impulse conversion sensor . It has self-contained power supply , converts impulses into flow rate value, calculates the average flow rate.


  • visual viewing of flow rate with the help of registration unit RU;
  • registered data can be prepared in software;
  • flow rate data can be synchronized with wellhead pressure data from wellhead pressure gauge GS-AMTU;
  • can be used in automation system.