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Software EDWin (Echo-dynamometer for Windows)

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  1. 4-level representation of measurements (treeview style)
  2. Flexible filter for measurements – by date, by type (echo, dyna), by subtype (echo kind, dyna device), by operator, by device number, by recents and etc.
  3. Theoretical dynamometer card calculation
  4. Pumping unit malfunction determination
  5. Flow rate estimation, effective plunger stroke and pump fillage calculation.
  6. Acoustic velocity calculation (on gas composition)
  7. Joint collars determination (zoom dialog with the autoseeking)
  8. Gaseous liquid column calculation and foam depth estimation
  9. Pump card calculation and analysis
  10. Level buildup curve creation and bottomhole pressure calculation
  11. Print the large variety of the graphic and text-table reports
  12. Theoretic dynamometer card calculation and rod stress calculation
  13. Level buildup recovery creation
  14. Bottomhole pressure calculation
  15. Echo card filtering
  16. Spectrum analisys for echo card
  17. Checking for the names of newcoming measurements to avoid the operator faults.
  18. Archiving (removing) of old and outdated measurements
  19. Echo graph filtering from noise
  20. Export the measurements to JPEG, RTF files
  21. Export the measurements to MS Excel
  22. Export measurements to the customer’s DBMS (on request)
  23. Export / import for transfer file to carry the measurements
  24. Support for the huge pumping unit base (3200 units)