Production - Echo level meter-dynamometer GEOSTAR-111 [Description - Set - Features - Software]

Echo level meter-dynamometer GEOSTAR-111

Units of system

Processor-based registration unit BR-21M

RU is designed to register , display, process and store the measurements. It has keyboard for the data input and display to visualize the operating information. RU operates from inner power supply (4 AA-batteries). RU can be supplied with flash memory extender . RU is completed with rough, field-oriented and waterproof case and built-in heater for display. Overall dimensions 210x100x40 mm. Weight 600 gm.

Polished Rod Dynamometer Transducer DN-102

Designed to measure the relative load values on the polished rod of the pumping unit.

Transducer consists of strain gauge and accelerometer.

It is clamped to the polished rod below the carrier bar.

Transducer measures the change in diameter of the polished rod and converts the change in diameter to the change in load on the polished rod.

Also transducer measures the acceleration data that twice integrated to determine polished rod position.

It allows to obtain the surface dynamometer card, a pump card and valves leakage test.

Advantages of transducer:

  • 1) The reliability because transducer does not consist the movable parts
  • 2) Easy and safe mounting of transducer (mounting&tuning time is about 10 seconds)
  • 3) Dynamometer card is from the moment of install to the moment of removal for 1 minute.
Horseshoe dynamometer transducer DM-102

Designed to measure the absolute load values on the pump rod.

This transducer has very high accuracy.

Comparison polished rod and horseshoe transducers

Transducer DN-102 is used for the qualitative estimation of pumping unit operability and watching the downhole equipment condition.

Transducer DM-102 is used for more accurate testing in the complicated cases.

Acoustic signal reception unit UPAS-22

Designed to register acoustic signals in annulus and measure the casing pressure.

There are available several models:

  • UPAS-22 – with microphone (high sensibility);
  • UPASM-01 – without microphone (for high pressure, high reliability);
  • AUGPS-112 – automatic echo level meter is designed to register the depth level in oil well on the user-defined scheme without operator. It is used to register the level/pressure buildup curve in the fully automatic mode. Operates in both - explosion and implosion modes.

Acoustic signal generation units (ASGU)

To produce the starting acoustic impulse there are used 5 models of generation units:

  • Valve unit is to generate an acoustic impulse for the oil wells with casing pressure more than 0.1 MPa by its short time opening;
  • Crimped rubber device is to measure liquid level up to 2000 meters in zero-casing pressure oil wells;
  • Manual pump is to measure levels more 1000 meters in zero and low pressure oil wells;
  • GIG-103 (Air compressor) is to measure levels up to 4500 meters in zero and low pressure oil wells. It works from the car’s power . It pumps 1 MPa for 10 seconds;
  • GIG-104 (Gas Balloon) to measure levels up to 6000 meters in zero and low pressure oil wells. It gives the best reflections from joints.

It also comprises
  • communications cable with PC, 2 meters
  • connecting cable, 1,5 meters (BR-UPAS)
  • connecting cable, 7,5 - 10 meters (BR-DN)
  • charging block and a spare battery set
  • software EDWIN
  • transportation case
  • spare parts

It is available the configuration of system to order