Production - Echo-dynamometer GEOSTAR-111 [Description - Set - Features - Software]

Echo-dynamometer GEOSTAR-111

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Echo level meter-dynamometer GEOSTAR-111


Echo-dynamometer GEOSTAR-111 is designed:

  • to measure liquid level and casing pressure in oil and gas wells
  • to register surface dynamometer card for pumping units (SRP)
  • to control valves operation
  • to calculate pump production rate, pump efficiency and BHP data
  • to calculate torque graph and the balanced torque
  • to calculate the pump card with the modern Everitt-Jennings algorithm
  • to analyze the pump card and to recognize the pump failures and predict the possible faults.

Used by oil production, research and development (R&D) and well logging departments in the oil&gas producing companies.


  • Providing of the on-line diagnostic of the down-hole equipment (valve and pipe leaks, pump fillage factor, plunger fit, etc);
  • Storing all the registered dynamometer and echo cards in the non-volatile memory of the registering unit, and after it to transfer to PC-compatible computer;
  • Providing the conclusion about malfunctions in pumping unit on dynamometer card analysis;
  • Measuring the static and producing liquid level depth in oil wells;
  • Smart checking for SRP valves leakage;
  • Calculation the production rate;
  • Calculation the pump intake pressure and effective pump plunger travel;
  • Calculation the polished rod and pump horsepower;
  • Acoustic velocity calculation on the gas composition;
  • Registration the level and pressure build-up and drop curves;
  • Measuring the casing pressure in the annular space;
  • Detection and location of paraffin jams with using of an echometer card analysis;
  • Powerful report system and flexible exports.


  • Registering unit has the user-friendly interface based on flexible menu.
  • Higher accuracy of load determination and polished rod position.
  • Comprehensive software.
  • Gaseous liquid column and BHP calculation.
  • Joints-based level calculation & collars data.
  • High sensitivity of acoustic reception unit.
  • Math model dynamometer card calculation.
  • Support for slow-moving pumping unit.
  • Lightweight and scalability with more sensors.
  • Multi-language registration unit.
  • Support for international measure units.

Explosion-proof certification

Hardware components of the system are manufactured in accordance with russian GOST standard, ISO-9001 and IEC. We have an explosion-proof mark 1 ExibIIBT3" and are permitted for use in explosive areas, ClassB-1, B-1g with explosive mixtures of categories IIA and IIB, groups T1 - T3.