Production - Dynamometer GEOSTAR-111.D [Description - Set - Features - Software]

Dynamometer GEOSTAR-111.D

Set of system

Microprocessor-based recording unit BP-21M

It is assembled of components by leading world manufacturers, specializing in the microprocessor production. It is designed for recording, processing and storage of dynamometer and echometer cards. This unit enables to display all the recorded cards directly at the well. Unit is not heavy (0,6 kg) and compact (210x100x210 mm).

Polished Rod Dynamometer Transducer DN-102

The transducer is simply clamped to the polished rod below the carrier bar. The polished rod transducer will gather load and acceleration data that allows the calculation and determination of a surface dynamometer card. It allows to estimate the flow rate production and allows to calculate the pumping unit beam loadings and pump performance. The polished rod transducer measures the change in diameter of the polished rod and converts the change in diameter to the change in load on the polished rod. The acceleration data is twice integrated to determine polished rod position. The change in loads and the calculated positions from the acceleration data are used to generate a surface card.

Benefits of the transducer

Easy and safe in mounting. For the purpose of its mounting it will be necessary only to stop an pumping unit without unloading the rod; an accelerometer allowed to refuse of the moving parts in the transducer, which improves reliability of the system.

Optional unit of system

Horseshoe dynamometer transducer DM-102

It allows to measure absolute load values on the pump rod. This transducer has very high accuracy. This transducer allows you to make the traveling and standing valve tests.