Production - Dynamometer GEOSTAR-111.D [Description - Set - Features - Software]

Dynamometer GEOSTAR-111.D

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Dynamometer GEOSTAR-111.D


Dynamometer GEOSTAR-111.D is an electronic portable instrument for the operational control of sucker rod pump (SRP). This device is designed to measure the surface dynamometer card and to determine the system efficiency. The device measures the load on the top rod and the polished rod position for each stroke length. The relation between the polished rod load vs position is known as the dynamometer surface card.


  • It allows to make the on-line diagnostic of the down-hole equipment (valve and tubing leakages, pump fillage factor, plunger fit, etc);
  • It allows to calculate the production rate;
  • It allows to calculate the pump intake pressure and effective pump plunger travel;
  • It allows to calculate the polished rod horsepower;
  • It allows to store all the registered dynamometer cards in the non-volatile memory of the registering unit, and after it to transfer to PC-compatible computer;
  • It allows to prepare the measurements at computer, process and print reports with all needed information;


  • Registering unit has the user-friendly interface based on flexible menu.
  • Higher accuracy of load determination and polished rod position.
  • Enhanced software
  • Math model dynamometer card calculation
  • Support for slow-moving pumping unit
  • Lightweight and scalability with more sensors
  • Multi-language registration unit
  • Support for international measure units

Explosion-proof certification

Hardware components of the system are manufactured in accordance with GOST 22782.0-81 and GOST 22782.5-78 standards, bearing an explosion-proof mark 1 ExibIIBT3" and are permitted for use in explosive areas, ClassB-1, B-1g with explosive mixtures of categories IIA and IIB, groups T1 - T3.